Saturday, August 21, 2010

Free Pedicure

Ok, so maybe it's not entirely free, but its alot cheaper than a $70 spa fee! Since my husband and I are on a pretty tight budget, going and spoiling myself at the spa really isn't an option. My girly, need to be spoiled self  just can't except that, so I like to recreate a pedicure at home. I start with something light and healthy to eat, mostly because there's just something about the spa that makes you want to eat something delicious and light. Than I start in with the feet. There are a number of things you can do, to start with though, Ill just put my favorites on here.

Pedicure Night Requirements:
Something light and delicious to eat (some kind of salad, or salmon or something)
Foot soak
Foot scrub
Your favorite nail polish
Nail rhinestones,
Clear Nail Gloss
A really good movie
Something comfy to wear

Let me just say, that I almost prefer this to going to the spa. Ok....maybe that's not quite true, but if your on a tight budget, this is pretty darn close! It's even better if you have a bunch of your girly friends over. Than it really is more fun that a spa.

For starters, Ill put the salad recipe up here. It's one my mom invented, and it is delicious and simple. I love it.

Oriental Chicken Salad Wraps

Here's what you'll need:

Cardinis Asian Sesame Dressing (or your favorite asain dressing)
2 Chicken Breasts marinated in soy sauce and a little asian dressing
Spinach or spring mix
Feta cheese
Dried cherries
Sliced almonds
Crunchy Oriental sticks
Spinach wraps (optional)

Ok, so this is reeeally easy to make and is fantastic as just a salad or folded into a wrap. First your gonna marinate the chicken breast for about 2 hrs in a mix of soy sauce and dressing, a little more dressing than soy sauce. You don't need much, just enough to coat the chicken. Then you want to grill it in a pan on medium heat till it's cooked. Slice it up. Cool it in fridge.

Now, put your greens into a bowl, throw in a handful of feta cheese, your dried cherries, almonds, those crunchy oriental sticks (im sorry for the life of me i cannot remember the name, but there in the asain isle at wall mart in a blue container and there yummy in salads!) and chicken. Put as much dressing as you want and toss it all together. If your planning to eat this as a wrap, now is the time to whip out your spinach wrap and fill it. Or just put it on a plate and eat as a salad. This is really yummy, and soooo easy! I hope you like it :)

Rose Foot Soak

This is my favorite foot soak. It's very luxurious and makes you feel rich.

All you need is water, dried rose pieces and a bowl big enough for your feet.

Heat enough water to fill the bowl about half way.  You want it to be almost boiling so that it stays hot while your steeping. Add the rose pieces and let them steep for about 10 minute. Now ease your feeties in and relax. Keep a towel near by for when your done.

Olive Oil Body Scrub

This works wonders all over your body, but I love it for my feet especially. The salt works as a fantastic exfoliate, the peppermint is refreshing and the olive oil makes your skin soft as butter. You wont even need lotion when your finished with it.

1 cup Kosher salt (you don't want super fine salt)
1 cup olive oil
5 peppermint oil

Mix it up, if you have extra it stores fantastic in a jar. Don't be afraid to try this next time you shower, you'll come out of the shower feeling amazingly soft!

Now all you need is to do is paint on your favorite nail polish and you'll feel like you just spent ridiculous amounts of money at the spa.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mac and Cheese Philosophy

So, my husband left for almost 4 weeks of training extra early yesterday morning. I have this philosophy that if I give myself 24 hrs to completely feel crappy, and mope around, be lazy and eat crappy foods, than after that 24 hrs, I can continue on with my life. Not to say that I still don't miss my husband. I just wont turn into the cat lady after that 24 hrs. When my husband was gone for basic training, I realized that I can't just sit around and wait for him to come home. If I do that...I will miss out on life. So, I created the Mac and Cheese Philosophy.

I love Kraft Mac and Cheese. The problem is, it is sooooo bad for you! So I don't eat it.  EXCEPT! during my 24hrs of depressed. I make myself one box of mac and cheese. I stuff my face with mac and cheese cause I'm bummed and don't have a husband to impress at this time so I'm fat for a day...its my rule. Then, when my 24 hrs is over, I have to get up, go to the gym, know, normal stuff grown up people do.

I am telling you all of this, because yesterday was my depressed mopey day. Today, I am up, I am getting ready to leave for the gym, than I will shower, eat lunch.... I will follow my schedule almost religiously so that I don't go crazy waiting for my husband to come home. Here's where you come in. I will be writing about all sorts of stuff to do when you need to pass some time. Everything from hosting a girl's night, to scrapbooking, to a new butt busting exercise if I find one... whatever crosses my mind and keeps me busy. Aren't you glad my mommy taught me to share???

Although I went through 5 months of basic training on nearly only letters for communication... this is my first real taste of army life. My husband is calling this 4 weeks "Our Pre-Iraq Training". He sais that not only will he be training for Iraq, but I am learning to have a life without him here. It is a little trial period for the upcoming 1 year apart in a couple months. Personally, I would be fine without a trial period! Apparently the army does not agree..... which brings us back to my mac and cheese philosophy!

I'll be back tomorrow with more updates on this "trial period",


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rasberry Blueberry Cobbler

This is a fabulous recipe that my husband deemed "awesome". You may think thats not a big deal, but I assure you, my husband is a man of very few words. When he sais something other than "Good", it means something. He consumed 3 helpings and than had the last of it before dinner the next day. When my husband likes something that much, I feel like its a crime to keep the recipe to myself! Plus, its cheap, easy and quick; which are some of my favorite words to apply to a recipe.

Here's what you'll need:

Cobbler Topping:

1 stick salted butter, softened

1 c. sugar

1 c. flour

1 egg, beaten

1 tsp. vanilla
(optional, I put vanilla in the berries, so it really doesn't need it in the cobbler)

Berry Filling:
(Any berries will work for this)

1 pint blueberries

1 cup raspberries

1 heaping tablespoon flour

2/3 cups sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla

So dump the berries, sugar, flour and vanilla in your cobbler pan. Mix it up.
(Pre-heat oven to 350)
In a separate bowl, cream together sugar and butter, add the egg and flour. Mix it until its smooth. Carefully and gently spread it over your berry mixture. I think the easiest way to do this is one spoonful at a time. Your probably gonna need to get your fingers in there.

Bake for about 25 minutes, maybe 30. You want it to be golden brown like this. It smells so good at his point you'll feel slightly intoxicated....

Now just spoon it onto a plate. Make sure you get all the gooey delicious berry juices.... This is so good! SO GOOD! It's a party in your mouth. It's that good.

I hope you enjoy this recipe. It is my ode to end of season berries. A delicious eatable ode.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Real Women of The World UNITE!

So, I was watching this show called "How to look good naked". It's basically about women of all shapes and sizes learning to love themselves inside and out, not being afraid of whats in the mirror and learning to embrace their uniqueness.

This really struck a chord with me...I mean, how often do I look at myself and say "This is as good as its gonna get!"?. There was a scene in this show where a woman had to look at the pictures of other women from the neck down and judge them. She had to say what she thought of their bodies. She pointed out several features she would like to see on herself. The last picture, she said, if I could look like this, I wouldn't be so hard on myself. Well, you might have guessed by now that this in fact was her own body! It made me relize that maybe our own perseption of our bodies is not completely accurate. Maybe it's time we all united together and helped eachother love ourselves. Maybe it's time we all relized that what makes us different is what makes us beautiful. If we all looked alike, there would be no such thing as beauty!

For me, it is time for a reality check! It is not just my outsides that make me beautiful. It is time for me to be confident. It is time for me to live my life without the fear of what other people might think. It is time for us real women to unite! To stand together for REAL beauty, the kind that is made of confidence.

In case nobodies told you today,  let me be the first to say, you look lovely!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

And The Winner Is.......

I have been looking forward to announcing the winner all week! I had to keep reminding myself to wait until midnight to find out the winner.I feel like a kid on christmas! Only...I'm not getting the present, you are!

Remember, the winner has 48 hours to contact me with their information or a new winner will be selected. Are you ready???? I am most definitely ready!

According to the True Random Number Generate from, the winner out of a total 57 posts is!!!!!!!!

42.  Pamela S said...

I love everything blackberry! Blackberry cobbler, blackberry jam, blackberry yogurt even! Thanks so much! pamelashockley(AT)aol(DOT)com

August 13, 2010 12:37 PM
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you love your Huckleberry Haven Breakfast Crate!
Be sure to check your email!
This has been a fun week for me, I hope you all have enjoyed it as well!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Blueberry Crumble Bars from the Tasty Kitchen

This is a delicious, to die for, heavenly, amazing, exquisite, guilty pleasure recipe I found on one of my favorite recipe websites called The Tasty Kitchen . If you've never had the pleasure of viewing this site, I encourage you to click on the link! This is just one of the many wonderful recipes to be found. I have no doubt you will enjoy it just as much as I do. It really makes the world a better place.

Click on this wont be'll be so incredibly happy. I want you to be happy, so click on the link.
Blueberry Crumble Recipe

Also, today is the last day to enter my giveaway! If you haven't already, you should! Really... because huckleberries are super yummy...

Bea ;)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Berries & Cream

This is probably the most comforting way to eat berries. My personal favorite is blackberries, but any berry will do. I find it to be a little reminiscent of the warm milk and cookies before bed days. When I'm eating blackberries with sweet cream, I am usually in very snugly jammies, curled up on the couch and either reading or talking to someone I love. I'm not sure why it always turns out this way, but I think it has to do with the comfort aspect. Something about it just makes me feel at home and safe and peaceful. Just another way berries affect more than your taste buds!

Here's what you need:

1 cup heavy cream
2-6 tbs sugar, depending on your sweetness preference
1 tsp vanilla (optional)
A handful of your favorite berries, (you'll want to slice your straw berries if that's what your using)

In a small sauce pan pour in your cream and vanilla, heat on low. When the cream is warm at sugar and gently stir until sugar is dissolved. Continue to heat until the cream is not quite hot.
Put your berries in a bowl, and pour the warm cream on top. Now just curl up on the couch in your favorite PJ's and read a book.

We're nearing the end of Berry Week, there's just one more recipe to be posted and only 2 more days to enter my Huckleberry Haven Giveaway. I'm excited to see who will win!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blueberry Cream Cheese.....

This recipe was inspired by the desperate need for a cream cheese dessert I had at my sister-in-laws bridal shower. One of her friends made this heavenly concoction of cream cheese, blueberries and graham crackers. I searched all over the internet until I found something similar and than made my own little adjustments here and there until finally, this is what I came up with.

Here's what you'll need:
3 cup graham cracker crumbs

1/2 cup chopped pecans, walnuts work too

3 tablespoons sugar

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon (optional)

3 tablespoons butter

2 8 oz package of cream cheese

2 tbs honey, warmed

2/3 cup powdered sugar, add a spoonful or two more if necessary.

3 teaspoons lime juice

2-4 tbs milk (optional, to lighten consistancy of cream cheese)

4 cups fresh blueberries (any berries work for this)

1/2 cup Cool Whip

Pour in the cinnamon, sugar, graham crackers and pecans into a bowl, stir in butter. In another bowl, mix cream cheese, honey, lime juice and powdered sugar , you want this to be smooth. Make sure you do a "taste test" to see if its sweet enough for you.

Serve this in any large serving bowl, but if you have a clear glass looks quite lovely. Your gonna wanna layer it in. Start with a thin layer of graham crackers, than some cream cheese, berries. Graham crackers, cream cheese berries...continue till your out of everything and than top with a thick layer of cool whip. Maybe add a couple blueberries to the top, or a sprig of mint... Oh my goodness is this ever delicious!

Bring this to any gathering and you'll be the new favorite cook, I promise. It might even be better than cheese cake. Ok...maybe I got a little over-excited... It's REALLY good though!

Only 2 days left to enter the Huckleberry Haven Giveaway! If you haven't already entered click here to find out how. You don't wanna miss out, this stuff is fantastic.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Strawberry Cleanser

To start off the Berry Week recipes, I felt I should share this Strawberry Cleanser with you. It's a recipe I believe we should all have, I simply couldn't justify keeping it to myself! It's a fairly well known fact that berries are packed full of antioxidants. Not only do they boost your immune system, but they do wonders for your skin. I envy whoever relized you didn't just have to eat strawberries to better yourself, but simply rubbing them all over your face works too! This cleanser leaves your face feeling clean and truly glowing. When I say glowing, I mean soft and supple with the glow of youth! Do a before and after picture, you'll see a difference.

Strawberry Facial Cleanser
4-5 fresh strawberries (frozen work fine, but you'll need to thaw and use 6)
3-4 tbs witch hazel

Stick your strawberries in the blender and blend until smooth. Add your witch hazel and blend for a few seconds. Now, go into the bathroom and generously apply to your face and gently rub into your face. You'll notice the seeds will be gently removing any dead skin you might have. After you've massaged for a few minutes, just rinse with warm water and pat dry. Follow with your favorite moisturizer.
This is a great replacement for any cleanser and if stored covered in the fridge, it will last for 3-5 days :)

Don't forget to enter my Huckleberry Haven's Breakfast Crate Giveaway! You can see how to enter by clicking here.

More tomorrow!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Berry Week Giveaway

Berries. They are so amazing I am dedicating an entire week to them. When you bite into a berry  it is not just your taste buds that are affected. Not only are these little gifts from God beautiful, fragrant and delicious, they tend to affect the emotions. My dad once told me that when he bit into a ripe berry it made him feel elegant and wealthy. For a moment he could imagine himself sitting in a mansion surrounded by fine things. Why? Because a berry is a decadent treat that people from all walks of life can enjoy. Couples often find them to be an aphrodisiac. They spark a little romance...what woman wouldn't want to walk in to a room that contained a bottle of champagne and some chocolate covered berries? As an adult, you may look back on your childhood and remember glorious days spent picking berries, or helping your mother make a berry pie. What more could a person ask for in a fruit? This week, I plan to give out my favorite berry recipes. There will be desserts, skin treatments, snacks...who knows. Anything can happen during Berry Week.

In the spirit of Berry Week, I have decided now is the perfect time to conduct my first giveaway! I will be giving away the Breakfast Crate from Huckleberry Haven. This stuff is so beyond delicious! It comes with, Wild Huckleberry coffee, almond flap jack mix, Wild Huckleberry syrup and jam. I don't know if you've every tried huckleberry anything,'s an experience we should all have. It is yet another example of the beauty of berries.
Here's how you win:

1) Become a follower of The Whimsical Housewife.
2) Leave a comment on any of the Berry Week post's letting me know what your favorite berry related food is. Don't forget to leave your email! ( Please comment no more than once per day, per post)
3) Please no entries after Friday at 9pm.
4) Make sure to check back by Saturday Aug 14th to see if you won.
5) You will have 48 hrs to contact me with your information or a new winner will be selected.

Let Berry Week begin!


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Stuffed Jumbo Shells w/ Spicy Vodka Cream Sauce

It all started with me in my kitchen, facing incredible boredom at the thought of cooking another "typical" dinner... I decide I need some excitement. I need some flavorful punches to the taste buds. I need to take a bite and have it quickly followed by a sigh of pure ecstasy. I decide I must create something delicious. I decide to let my creative juices flow, if you will. From my juices comes a delicious creation. When you bite into it, you will be transformed....I don't really know what I mean by just seemed to make the dramatic point I was going for. I promise you want to try this. Sadly, I didn't take any pictures of this flavorful taste bud punching meal.

Spicy Vodka Cream Sauce

1 29 oz can of tomato sauce (not the spaghetti sauce)
1 can of plain tomato paste
1/2 cup vodka
1/4 cup cream or whole milk
2 tbs butter
1 garlic clove, minced
4 tbs dried basil (of course, fresh is better, but i didn't have any)
2 tsp onion powder
2-3 tsp-ish cayenne pepper, or however much you want
salt and pepper to taste


2 15 oz containers of WHOLE MILK ricotta
1 hand full of shredded romano or parmesan cheese
1 1/2 cups or so of cooked, ground spicy italian sausage
2 cups coarsely chopped spinach
a drizzles worth of olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

OK! Here's what your gonna do.
Start with cooking your italian sausage. While that's cooking your gonna start your sauce. I highly recommend using a deep skillet, a cast iron skillet is perfect. Set your temp at medium and add the butter and minced garlic. Once the butter turns a beautiful golden brown color, slowly add your vodka. It will probably sizzle, a steam. It's all part of the experience. After it's cooked down for about 2 minutes, add your milk. Mix it just a bit, and add your tomato sauce.  Turn the temp down to medium low. Once that starts to simmer add your tomato paste and mix it well. At this point, your sauce is probably going to taste a little bitter. Fear not! It will get better, I promise. Stir in all your seasonings and let it cook on low. Take your sausage off the burner and let it cool.

Next step, start the water to boil for the noodles. Add a little olive oil to prevent sticking. If your serving this with a salad and garlic bread, you'll probably only need 3 or 4 per person.

While your boiling your noodles, start the the filling. In a bowl add your ricotta, romano, spinach, sausage and a light drizzle of olive oil. Mix it well. At this point, give your sauce a taste test. Make any adjustments if you need to. Maybe a little more cream, or cayenne...

You don't want your noodles to be completely cooked, you need them to be a little sturdy while your filling them. You'll probably cook them for 5-7 minutes. Keep checking on them. When you think they are ready, just move them to a bowl and gently toss with a bit of olive oil so they don't stick together and rip. Stuff them as full as you can with filling with a spoon. Set them cheese side up, into the pan with sauce. You'll probably fit about 15 if you pack them close together. After you've filled the pan, turn the heat up to 3 and cover for about 15 minutes.

What is happening now is a thing of beauty. The noodles finish cooking in the sauce, the cheese gets warm and soft and the seasonings in the sauce start to form a close relationship. The outcome is....delicious!
Not only that, it is beautiful. Very pleasing to all of your senses. Plate them with the tips in the middle and drizzle a little sauce of them. I say drizzle, what i mean is, poor it on in a flattering manner. Take a bite...enjoy transformed by it!

If your left with more cheese than you could use, it stores great for 5 or 6 days. Save whatever sauce is left and make some for a delicious lunch the next day.

I hope you liked it, I certainly did!


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

For My Love

If ever two were one, than surely we.

If ever man were lov'd by wife, then thee.

If ever wife was happy in a man,

Compare with me, ye women, if you can.

I prize thy love more than whole Mines of gold

Or all the riches that the East doth hold.

My love is such that Rivers Canneot quench,

Nor ought but love from thee give recompetence.

Thy love is such I can no way repay.

The heavens reward thee manifold, I pray.

Then while we live, in love let's so persever

That when we live no more, we may live ever.
~ Anne Bradstreet

I love you husband...