Saturday, August 21, 2010

Free Pedicure

Ok, so maybe it's not entirely free, but its alot cheaper than a $70 spa fee! Since my husband and I are on a pretty tight budget, going and spoiling myself at the spa really isn't an option. My girly, need to be spoiled self  just can't except that, so I like to recreate a pedicure at home. I start with something light and healthy to eat, mostly because there's just something about the spa that makes you want to eat something delicious and light. Than I start in with the feet. There are a number of things you can do, to start with though, Ill just put my favorites on here.

Pedicure Night Requirements:
Something light and delicious to eat (some kind of salad, or salmon or something)
Foot soak
Foot scrub
Your favorite nail polish
Nail rhinestones,
Clear Nail Gloss
A really good movie
Something comfy to wear

Let me just say, that I almost prefer this to going to the spa. Ok....maybe that's not quite true, but if your on a tight budget, this is pretty darn close! It's even better if you have a bunch of your girly friends over. Than it really is more fun that a spa.

For starters, Ill put the salad recipe up here. It's one my mom invented, and it is delicious and simple. I love it.

Oriental Chicken Salad Wraps

Here's what you'll need:

Cardinis Asian Sesame Dressing (or your favorite asain dressing)
2 Chicken Breasts marinated in soy sauce and a little asian dressing
Spinach or spring mix
Feta cheese
Dried cherries
Sliced almonds
Crunchy Oriental sticks
Spinach wraps (optional)

Ok, so this is reeeally easy to make and is fantastic as just a salad or folded into a wrap. First your gonna marinate the chicken breast for about 2 hrs in a mix of soy sauce and dressing, a little more dressing than soy sauce. You don't need much, just enough to coat the chicken. Then you want to grill it in a pan on medium heat till it's cooked. Slice it up. Cool it in fridge.

Now, put your greens into a bowl, throw in a handful of feta cheese, your dried cherries, almonds, those crunchy oriental sticks (im sorry for the life of me i cannot remember the name, but there in the asain isle at wall mart in a blue container and there yummy in salads!) and chicken. Put as much dressing as you want and toss it all together. If your planning to eat this as a wrap, now is the time to whip out your spinach wrap and fill it. Or just put it on a plate and eat as a salad. This is really yummy, and soooo easy! I hope you like it :)

Rose Foot Soak

This is my favorite foot soak. It's very luxurious and makes you feel rich.

All you need is water, dried rose pieces and a bowl big enough for your feet.

Heat enough water to fill the bowl about half way.  You want it to be almost boiling so that it stays hot while your steeping. Add the rose pieces and let them steep for about 10 minute. Now ease your feeties in and relax. Keep a towel near by for when your done.

Olive Oil Body Scrub

This works wonders all over your body, but I love it for my feet especially. The salt works as a fantastic exfoliate, the peppermint is refreshing and the olive oil makes your skin soft as butter. You wont even need lotion when your finished with it.

1 cup Kosher salt (you don't want super fine salt)
1 cup olive oil
5 peppermint oil

Mix it up, if you have extra it stores fantastic in a jar. Don't be afraid to try this next time you shower, you'll come out of the shower feeling amazingly soft!

Now all you need is to do is paint on your favorite nail polish and you'll feel like you just spent ridiculous amounts of money at the spa.



  1. I've tried the rose foot soak and I'm telling you, A-MAZING! Must do another one soon!
    Kristina J.

  2. Isn't it the best! I love them, I'm gonna be doing another one soon!