Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mac and Cheese Philosophy

So, my husband left for almost 4 weeks of training extra early yesterday morning. I have this philosophy that if I give myself 24 hrs to completely feel crappy, and mope around, be lazy and eat crappy foods, than after that 24 hrs, I can continue on with my life. Not to say that I still don't miss my husband. I just wont turn into the cat lady after that 24 hrs. When my husband was gone for basic training, I realized that I can't just sit around and wait for him to come home. If I do that...I will miss out on life. So, I created the Mac and Cheese Philosophy.

I love Kraft Mac and Cheese. The problem is, it is sooooo bad for you! So I don't eat it.  EXCEPT! during my 24hrs of depressed. I make myself one box of mac and cheese. I stuff my face with mac and cheese cause I'm bummed and don't have a husband to impress at this time so I'm fat for a day...its my rule. Then, when my 24 hrs is over, I have to get up, go to the gym, know, normal stuff grown up people do.

I am telling you all of this, because yesterday was my depressed mopey day. Today, I am up, I am getting ready to leave for the gym, than I will shower, eat lunch.... I will follow my schedule almost religiously so that I don't go crazy waiting for my husband to come home. Here's where you come in. I will be writing about all sorts of stuff to do when you need to pass some time. Everything from hosting a girl's night, to scrapbooking, to a new butt busting exercise if I find one... whatever crosses my mind and keeps me busy. Aren't you glad my mommy taught me to share???

Although I went through 5 months of basic training on nearly only letters for communication... this is my first real taste of army life. My husband is calling this 4 weeks "Our Pre-Iraq Training". He sais that not only will he be training for Iraq, but I am learning to have a life without him here. It is a little trial period for the upcoming 1 year apart in a couple months. Personally, I would be fine without a trial period! Apparently the army does not agree..... which brings us back to my mac and cheese philosophy!

I'll be back tomorrow with more updates on this "trial period",


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