Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Egg Nog French Toast

One of my favorite things about the holidays are all the delicious foods that are served. I love hearing about everyone's different food traditions. In my family there are foods we only eat between Thanksgiving and New Year's. This is one of those recipes. A few year's ago my cousin C. made me EggNog French Toast, and let me tell was absolutely to die for! I now have adopted it as a little tradition I want to bring into my new little family. I hope you enjoy it!

EggNog French Toast

Texas Toast or other thickly sliced bread (as much as you will eat)
EggNog (home made is best, but store bought is fine to as long as it is thick and not really watery)
1 egg per 1 cup of EggNog (only if your using store bought EggNog, or thinly sliced bread)
Maple Syrup or Whipped Cream

One of the beautiful things about this delicious recipe is how little effort it takes to prepare. If you have time to butter a piece of toast, you have time to make this!

All you need to do is melt a little butter in your skillet, I keep my temp set between medium and low.
At this point you can add about a tsp. of nutmeg to your eggnog, or you can wait and sprinkle it on your french toast later. Or if you really love nutmeg, you can do both!
Dunk your bread into the eggnog. You want to make sure its really well covered, but you don't want to dunk so much that it is soggy.
Lay it into the pan and cook it just like you would regular french toast. About 2 minutes or so on each side depending on your temperature. You want it to be a golden color.

To serve, put a couple pieces on a plate, and put on a dollop of whipped cream and sprinkle it with nutmeg OR you can cover it with maple syrup. Either one is DELICIOUS!

I love this for the day after Thanksgiving, and am thinking about making it for myself and a friend on Christmas morning.

I hope you enjoy!


  1. YUM! Thanks for sharing! Do you have a good egg nog recipe? I have never tried making my own.

  2. I do, I will try to post it in the next couple days :)