Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Im Dreaming of a White Christmas...

For as long as I can remember I have always had snow for Christmas. I grew up in Colorado and than moved to Iowa and both of those places are known for snow! Now I am somewhere new and am facing the possibility of a rainy Christmas instead.

This leaves me to think about what one does with a rainy Christmas? Do you throw water balloons instead of snow balls? Will Christmas be the same without 5 inches of beautiful white fluffy snow to go play in?

Growing up we always went and looked at Christmas lights on Christmas eve in our pajamas while drinking LOTS of hot chocolate. This is one of my sweetest memories, literally. We would sing Christmas carol's and as a small child my parents would end the trip by telling me that Santa would be there soon so I better head to bed! I always slept on my floor, I really don't know why or how that got started, but that is what I did. I remember always waking up around 2 in the morning every time... and having to wait until at least 7 before waking up my parents. Than of course, we run out to open our stockings, than our presents and would top the morning off with a delicious breakfast. Later in the day we would watch Christmas movies and go play in the snow.

I am curious to see how this Christmas plays out. It will be the first Christmas I have spent without some kind of family around... I can't help but think that a white Christmas would help make it special even though all those I hold dear to my heart will not be together this year. I think I will spend the day doing ridiculous amounts of baking for my husband while waiting around for a phone call, watch tons of Christmas movies and hopefully...go play in the snow.

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones I used to know..."

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  1. We have the same Christmas Eve tradition! I also give my kids each a new pair of PJ's and they wear them on the drive around town. So much fun! I am bummed about the snow (or lack there of) this year as well. Doesn't quite seem like Christmas without it.