Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Little Peanut Bean

I went with a friend yesterday to my 24 weeks ultra sound. It was wonderful, I absolutely love hearing the sound of his heartbeat and seeing him wiggle around in there. Thanks to all of our handy dandy technology these days, I was able to video tape the ultra sound and will get to watch it "with" my husband later today  Skype. I love Skype, I absolutely can't imagine going through this deployment without it. All of you woman who had only phone and email, those who only had phone, and even further back, those who only had letters... You are amazing!

Back to the ultra sound! I was hoping to get one of those cute and adorable ultra sound pics where you can see the shape of their face or they are sucking their thumb... Well, instead, what you are looking at above these words is the back of his head and back. He decided to face backwards the whole time. What a little stinker!  Still, it was amazing to not just hear, but see his heart beating, and I was happy to hear that it was, in fact a boy. The next time I see my little one he will be in my arms...I can hardly wait!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the back of my baby's head ;)

Bea and little bean~

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