Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bookaholics Anonymous

My name is Bea, and I'm a bookaholic.

It all started with my mom reading me bedtimes stories....the next thing I knew I was hiding books and flashlights under my pillow! Now.... now I frequent all sorts of book sales, used book stores and amazon collecting cook books, fiction, non-fiction, educational, craft books... I'm unstoppable!

Now, you might be saying, " Bea, that's not so many books! Nothing a book shelf wont cure!"

I must confess a bit more.... I still have a good 30 books in storage... I've already started looking into the local library sales. I mean... who can pass up $0.10 a book???? As of now there is no proven treatment for bookaholics.

So I guess...that means I can keep on buying books...and stacking them up...and reading and re-reading their marvelous content! In fact, the more I think about it, I don't have a problem at all! Thanks for helping me clear that up, I feel much better now!

Bea :)


  1. Bea Dear, I will not be blamed for this! I read good books to you BUT I also raised you to do everything in moderation! it and pass it on sweetheart...I think and intervention might be in order.

    Love, your mom

  2. I have the same addiction...although I have not been so obsessed in the past couple years. My husband had put his foot down on the book buying! lol.